How to enable 2-step verification for Google Apps?


Google Apps (G Suite) provides the option of turning on two-step verification for your user accounts. This provides an extra layer of security to your user’s data by having them authenticate with a verification code as well as their password. I recommend that you enable this option to make your accounts more secure. The instructions below will lead you through enabling two-step verification as well as enforcing its use for your G Suite service.


Enabling Two-Step Verification

These steps will guide you through enabling the option of using two-step verification for your G Suite account users. This allows your users to choose to use the feature if they wish. It does not make two-step verification mandatory for your users.

  1. Log into your G Suite Admin Console.
  2. From the dashboard, select Security.


3. Next, click on Basic Settings.

4. Scroll down to the Two-Step Verification setting and tick the checkbox to Allow users to turn on 2-step verification.  This will enable the ability for the account user to utilize two-step authentication if they choose.


5. Click on the Save changes button that appears.



If you wish to make it mandatory for your users to use two-step 
authentication, please continue on to the enforcing two-step 
verification instructions once the two-step verification option is 

Source: Mediatemple

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