File System Check Error in FortiGate

File System Check Error in FortiGate 5.2.3 and above

In FortiOS 5.2 patch3, the file system check dialogue was introduced in the GUI and it offers the options to restart the unit and perform a file system check or, if desired, to be reminded later for performing the action in a maintenance window.

FortiGate error

File System check is a feature that is checking if the device was not shutdown properly. It will do a disk scan when the system boots up to avoid any potential file system errors.  In fact, if the unit was shut down without using the proper command (#execute shutdown), during the booting sequence, the FortiGate will check internal files for this log event and, if it cannot find it, the message will be shown.

This behavior is by design and there is no option to disable this message.

The message should no longer be seen once the following actions have been completed:

– Check of the file system.
– Reboot of the device.


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