FortiGate Firewall Configuration Backup and Restore procedure Firmware V4.0

FortiGate Firewall Configuration Backup and Restore procedure Firmware V4.0:

Do the following tasks to take FortiGate firewall backup.


  1. Connect the firewall through browser.

 2.   Login to the firewall (Enter User name & Password) (see Figure-4).


3.  After logging in, click on System –>Dashboard –> Dashboard on the left hand side of the window (see Figure-5)


4.  Right side pane of the window, under System Information –> System Configuration –> click on Backup (see Figure-6)


5.  Backup window will appear (see Figure-7); Enter a password to encrypt the configuration file. You will need this password while restoring the configuration file. Confirm Enter the password again to confirm the password. Click on Backup tab.



After logging in, click on System –>Dashboard –> Dashboard on the left hand   side of the window.

 Right side pane of the window, under System Information –> System Configuration –> click on Backup (see Figure-8)


7.     Use the “choose file” button if you are restoring the configuration file from the management computer.

                Select the configuration file name from the browse list if you are restoring the configuration file from the USB disk.

       8.   Enter the password, you entered when backing up the configuration file.


     NOTE:  If the password is forgotten, there is no way to use the file.

source: fortinet

35 thoughts on “FortiGate Firewall Configuration Backup and Restore procedure Firmware V4.0

  1. I do have a question on Fortinet 60D backups, How would I schedule a backup to my FTP server and not to my Local PC. I have tried using > config system backup
    edit “Scheduled_Backup”
    set config-type full-config
    set protocol-type ftp
    set ftp-auth enable
    set ftp-user fortiweb1
    set ftp-passwd P@ssword1
    set ftp-server XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
    set ftp-dir “/config-backups”
    set schedule_type days
    set schedule_days sun,fri
    set schedule_time 01:15
    And this does work for some reason. Any Ideas would be appreciated
    I tried this in ‘config global and config vdom/edit root

  2. I want to take a Logs backup from Fortigate firewall 1000A , kindly help me if u know about this…i am able to take configuration backup.

  3. I want to configure the Log , but it is not happening. I have 310 B with 5.0 OS. I tried trhu CLI also.
    Pl help me with some How tos..

    1. Hi! Pavan,

      You can view logs in FortiGate firewall and can save the snapshots at regular intervals for security audit purpose. If you want store Full fledged logs you have to connect Forti Analyzer to your 310 B.
      Thank you

  4. Hi all
    i have a Backup from the Fortigate mod. 60C now i Change the model file to 60D and Restor this to the new 60D but when i checked this i see he have not Restored all. Ist this normaly? can every on give me an exampel?
    Thank you very much

    1. Hi!,
      If you restore the the backup to the same model it will work fine, you can view all the policies. If it is different model, all the options won’t be there. I think your new device Forti OS version also different.

  5. Hi lakkireddymadhu
    Thanks for your Information. Correct the Forti OS is different im mean also. I will Update the OS and Restore this again.

    Best regards

  6. Hi lakkireddymadhu

    We have 3 Fortigate devices 1 x Fortigate 400c 2 x Fortigate 200B’s
    I am able to backup the 400C and one 200B – The second 200B does not have a Backup uder Dashboared / Status names (System Configuration[Backup] ) as the other 200B.
    How do i get the backup option to display in the second 200B ?

    1. Hi! Faizal, it’s not possible. You can restore the backup of same model Firewall. I mean to say if you have taken backup of 200D, you can restore it to another 200D FortiGate. Hope it’s clear.

  7. I have a Fortigate 60C-5.2.0 and I have a configuration file for a Fortigate 60C-4.0. how I can do the restore on the Fortigate 60C-5.2.0 with the configuration file (backup) of the FortiGate 60c-4.0?

  8. Hi All,

    I am new to the fortinet.
    Can someone give me a piece of advise.
    Is it possible to load my backup configuration from FG 200B to FG 200E?

    Thanks Guys!

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