Installing Adobe CS4 on Windows 2003

Installing Adobe CS4 on Windows 2003

Everything installs but Illustrator and Sound booth.  I found a few articles of people having the same issue and adobe says only compatible with XP.

I found these instructions on the net on how to install CS4 :

1 – copy the complete setup DVD or unpack the .iso file
to any location on your HDD.

2 – in the folder that contains your CS4 setup locate the subfolder
named ‘payloads‘ that contains the payloads, and in that folder locate
the following files

payloads\AdobeIllustrator14mul\AdobeIllustrator14mul.proxy.xml – for
payloads\AdobeSoundbooth2All\AdobeSoundbooth2All.proxy.xml – for sound booth

3 – you  have to edit both of the files using notepad in the
following way:
locate the text that says: ‘”Server2003″:{“Exclude”: true}’ and
replace it with (a very logical one  ‘”Server2003″: {“Require”: true}’

4 – when you have edited and saved both of the files locate and run
setup.exe in the folder to which you have unpacked the .iso file.

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